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Indulge for Better Health

Chocolate tasting selection

Chocolate tasting selection (Photo credit: waldopepper)

I went looking for some inspiration today. I started reading some of the other blogs here on WordPress and I came across

one that has a theme for each day of the month; I thought that was interesting.

So in keeping with the theme for today, my blog post is all about indulgence. Today is a day to indulge in chocolate, of

course, but not only chocolate. Take some time today to indulge in other things you love; sunshine, if you have sunshine

where you are.

If you don’t have sunshine, take a vitamin D pill today, or drink some milk with vitamin D, it will make up for the lack of

sunlight and you will feel better. Lack of vitamin D is one of the reasons people feel sluggish in the winter time. Milk is

a good choice because of the calcium in it; it’s  a good idea to get your calcium–the time to store it is when you are

younger; when you get older it’s too late, so now is the time to start storing healthy bones for later years.

Okay, enough with the lecturing, back to the indulgence.

This other blog I found today has some great ideas for a chocolate-tasting party. Check it out, and Happy Chocolate

Indulgence day!

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