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YouTube video share: Viggo Mortenson Chocoholic

YouTube video share: Viggo Mortenson Chocoholic

This is a video I found today on Youtube. Viggo is talks about how chocolate helped him get through filming “The Road.”



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Repost: Chocolate

Repost: Chocolate


Ah, chocolat, chocolat, comment je t’aime ! Permettez-moi de comte les façons! (French)

(Oh, chocolate, chocolate, how I love you! Let me count the ways!)

I love chocolate, all things chocolate. (Well almost–some things would not taste good chocolate-covered; but I’m not going to go there.) For my very first chocolate blog, I will answer the question, where does chocolate come from?

Chocolate has been around for about 2,000 years. It starts as a bean from the cacao tree, which grows in tropical rainforests in South America. South America is also known for producing the best coffee in the world: which also starts as a bean. I don’t think there is any connection, but it is still interesting to think about.

Natives such as the Maya and the Aztec mixed the cacao beans with various spices to make a drink. No one knows for sure how the Mayans and Aztecs discovered the tasty properties of the cacao bean, but, when they did discover it, it began a treasured treat. Their artwork often depicts people gathering the beans, and enjoying drinks made from the cacao.

To make the chocolate, the Mayans removed the outer husk, and fermented and roasted the seeds inside. The seeds were ground into paste with a stone. The paste was then mixed with a variety of other ingredients, including chili peppers. They did not have any sugar back then, so they probably used honey to sweeten this drink.

Next time, I’ll look at some of the ways that the Mayans used chocolate.


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Repost: Cherry Chocolate Brownies–Yummy


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Repost: Chocolate Grissini

Chocolate Grissini.

This looks like it would be good for breakfast

via Repost: Chocolate Grissini.


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Hello all of my sweeties! Here is the latest chocolate news from the web:

Farm Show: Chocolate Cake competition looks devilishly delicious (blog)
At the 97th Pennsylvania Farm Show there were tables filled with cakes of al different shapes and sizes. One had a pig on top, another was iced to look like a present (complete with ribbons). They all had one common ingredient though – chocolate. In …

I was a little disappointed that they did not show a picture of the cake with the pig on top, or the one made to look like a present. I did find a good baking tip in this article, however:

“Vicki Brightbill of Pleasant Gap in Centre County spent 20 years perfecting her chocolate mocha cake recipe. Last year she believes she came up with the perfect combination of ingredients.

“It has dense texture, but is still moist and light,” she said.

Vicki Brightbill of Pleasant Gap, Centre County

The key to her cake is the cocoa. Brightbill mixes Hershey’s special dark cocoa powder with Hershey’s regular cocoa powder and tosses in a bit of coffee. The result is a smooth, rich delectable treat.”

The 14th Annual Feast of Chocolate
Carson Now
It’s almost here, the 14th Annual Feast of Chocolate. Come get your chocolate fix Feb. 9 from noon to 3 p.m. in the relaxed atmosphere of the Carson City Plaza Conference Center, with all you-can-eat chocolate, wine, music, raffles and silent auction …

If any of you are going to be in Carson, Nevada on February 9, you may want to check out this chocolate feast.

Brownie mix recall: Undeclared walnuts in Food Club Chocolate chunk brownies
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on Jan. 4, a recall of chocolate chunk brownie mix due to undeclared walnuts. Gilster-Mary Lee Corp. said the wrong packaging was used for the food during production. The Chester, Ill. based food …
If any of you buy Food Club brownies, you may want to read this allergy alert. You will need to scroll down past the video, to see the article.

Here are several tasty ways to eat more chocolate in 2013. For the first one, I love their tip about using plain ol’ inexpensive dental floss to cut a soft cake—what a great idea. Sounds like a true cake expert to me. The recipe calls for Dutch Process cocoa powder. According to this site:, you can find this at Whole Food’s Market:
Triple-Chocolate Mousse Cake
If ever there’s a time to try out a complicated, decadent new dessert recipe, it’s the holidays, when you have a crowd to appreciate it. This Triple-Chocolate Mousse Cake from America’s Test Kitchen requires a delicate hand, but any chocolate fan will …

Hot chocolate tastes best in orange mugs, study finds
CBS News
To see how hot chocolate enjoyment was affected by cup color, Piqueras-Fiszman and her colleagues asked 57 participants to rate samples of the same delicious beverage in four colors of plastic cup: white, cream, orange and red. (All cups were white on …

Remember to drink this next one from an orange mug and “never, ever, let it cool.”
Christmas Recipe: Polar Express Hot Chocolate
Let me start by saying – I love hot chocolate. So, when I saw this recipe for Polar Express Hot Chocolate on the blog Honey & Fitz I knew I had to make it. Don’t be afraid when you see the ingredients – this is a decadent, rich, flavorful hot chocolate …


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