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Chocolate Press

Choklit carrot cake-scubadive67

This is a good recipe for carrot cake with cream cheese frosting; one of my favorites, next to chocolate. A slice of this cake will go perfect with a good cup of coffee–and look, I found a blog about coffee, too.

cup of coffee

image courtesy of Wikipedia

I am finding a lot of gluten-free recipes on WordPress today; the carrot cake was gluten-free, and here are some gluten-free valentines day cupcakes. She made them for her man on V-Day, that is so sweet.

This is one of the best looking chocolate cakes I have ever seen:

borboun chocolate cake

Katie Thisdell’s blog

I love white chocolate too; but I haven’t figured out if white chocolate is really chocolate or just vanilla with good PR


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New Hershey Park, Sugar-free sugar cookies, and my New Year’s Rez

Giant hershey bar, reese's peanut butter cup, and hershey kiss at entrance to Hershey park in Pennsylvania From

Hershey’s new theme park is called “Chocolate World”– the same name as my blog—I had to share this. I just created a Google alert for this park, so I will keep you posted on the developments.

This next one sounds too good to be true…sugar cookies…with no sugar. Or flour. Or butter. I’m skeptical; I am going to have to try to make them, I will let you know next time how they turned out. I have a challenge for you, loyal readers: make this, share the story of how it turned out, along with pictures, and I will share it them all in a future blog post. E-mail them to me at

I made a resolution to eat more chocolate in 2013; who’s with me?

Baby with face covered in chocolate

Young chocoholic

Boy eating chocolate bar

Girl eating chocolate bar


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