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Diet, Shmiet, Get Fat This Holiday and Have Fun Doing It.

First, sorry, some bad news for Nesquik lovers…

“Nestle USA issued a voluntary recall of its Nesquik chocolate powder after being tipped off by an ingredient supplier of possible salmonella contamination.”,0,5686645.story

Now that I got the bad news out of the way, here are some yummy recipes from the Web!

“Hanukkah Gifts: Recipe for gilded chocolate-dipped Hanukkah pretzels”

Sounds delicious, but who wants to wait for Hanukkah? I say make some and eat them now, then make more later, to give out as gifts; after all, every chef has to try their own cooking first, right?

“Candied Garnishes for a Chocolate Thanksgiving By MELISSA CLARK” This post includes a video, and several ideas for a great thanksgiving dinner. Bon appetite!

“The Maru or chocolate persimmon, a variety many Japanese connoisseurs consider to be the finest. Some grow here in California. Photo: Rachael Myrow

Most of us are familiar with two kinds of persimmon: the apple-sized, crunchy Fuyu and the bulbous Hachiya, best enjoyed when it’s so ripe, it’s gooey. I’m going to go out on a limb here and argue there’s an even BETTER persimmon, available only at farms and farmers’ markets.

I’m speaking about the Maru, or chocolate persimmon, so called because when you bite into a ripe one, the flesh inside is brown like chocolate. The Maru is juicy and sweet without being cloying. It’s my obsession now.”

“Chocolate Show: The city prepares for a sugar rush

Everybody loves chocolate, but they may not know all the hard work and the artisanal techniques that go into making their daily chocolate fix. The New York Chocolate show puts all of the biggest names in chocolate on display in the Metropolitan Center downtown.”

“If there were a way to put the title of this week’s recipe in flashing neon capital letters, I would have. I am always excited about the recipes we feature on the column, but every so often, I am so excited that I just want to run around knocking on everybody’s door to say, “Don’t miss Friday’s recipe!!!” Photographer Lara Ferroni is the author of one of my favorite cookbooks, Doughnuts, an itty-bitty book that punches far above its size in value and quality. When I received the press release for her new book, Real Snacks, I knew there would be something great in it to share. I don’t want to discourage you from buying cookies from your favorite Girl Scout, but you might be sorely tempted after you see Lara’s recipe for Chocolate Coconut Caramel Cookies. — Kristina”

“Anthony Bourdain And Eric Ripert’s Chocolate Bar, Good & Evil, To Debut Friday”

If this turns out to be true, it will be one more reason to love chocolate (as if we needed one)…

“The New England Journal of Medicine published a study two weeks ago showing, amazingly, that eating chocolate might make you smarter.”


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